This month the Sebastian School took part in the annual Ñuble Net English Festival at Escuela Italia in Chillán. After school-wide auditions last semester, six acts were chosen to represent the school. Fernanda Vildósola (3rd grade), Michelle Carmona (5th grade), Benjamin Sánchez and Luna Fuentes (6th grade), and Ximena Aguayo and the duo of Sebastian Suarez and Ignacio Caro (7th grade). All of the participants spent months practicing both their vocals and English pronunciation. After much preparation our students performed wonderfully! They were all fantastic, but we are particularly proud of Sebastian and Ignacio, who came in 3rd place out of the entire province! Congratulations to all the students!!


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Last week was full of excitement for the English Department at the Sebastian School!

On Tuesday our three 6th grade finalists traveled to Concepción for the second round of the regional Spelling Bee. Sara Hermosilla, Joan Tapia, and Fernanda Hermosilla proudly represented as one of the final nine schools in the Bio-Bio region, and one of only two schools from the Ñuble province. While our spellers unfortunately did not qualify for the finals in Puerto Montt this November, we are still very proud of their achievements in the school’s first year of participation in the contest!

On Thursday we travelled to Concepción once again, this time with 7th grader Diego Maquehue. Diego gave a presentation on the ancient Greek people in the second round of the Public Speaking competition. Diego was one of 11 finalists in Bio-Bio to advance to the second round, and one of three from Chillán. While Diego did not advance to the finals, we are very proud of the hard work and dedication that his performance showed!

Thanks again to all of our students who participated in the English language competitions, both in the school and at the regional levels. Only two schools in Bio-Bio advanced to the second round in both Spelling Bee and Public Speaking, and we are proud to say that the Sebastian School was one of them! We look forward to continuing to participate in these competitions in the years to come.



The English Department of our school is pleased to announce, that the 7th grade student Diego Maquehue has advanced in the national competition of Public Speaking organized by the Ministry of Education through the English Opens Doors Program. Thus, Diego goes to the Regional Tournament, in which he will have to talk about a new topic demonstrating fluency, English language proficiency, among other skills. From this competition, only one student will represent the Bio Bio region in the zonal competition and we expect our student to be the chosen one.


Congratulations Diego and good luck in the Regional Tournament.


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Festival de Talentos 2012


El colegio Sebastian School, invita a sus estudiantes a participar e inscribirse en el 2º concurso de Talentos año 2012, el que se realizará en nuestro colegio durante el mes Agosto, cuya finalidad pretende fomentar  actividades recreativas culturales, que permita  en los alumnos el desarrollo de habilidades propias de sus intereses ya sea en canto, baile, instrumentos y otros Talentos  inusuales.

Descargar bases de postulación

El verdadero talento eres tú!

Miss Naomi Jane Lesnewski

Lastly, we are happy to welcome Miss. Naomi Jane Lesnewski to the Sebastian School for the 2012 school year. She comes to us as part of English Opens Doors, a program run by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the United Nations Development Programme, which brings native English speakers to schools throughout Chile in an effort to boost the quality of instruction and the level of exposure to English in our nation’s primary and secondary schools. Miss. Naomi is from New York City in the United States and is happy to get to be a part of the Sebastian School family! She will be working with the 5th, 6th, and 7th grade English and English Club classes, the Karaoke Club on Thursdays and Fridays, and as a coach for the various activities mentioned above.




Public Speaking

The final national competition of the year will be the Public Speaking tournament. Just one student per school can participate, and we are happy to announce that Diego Maquehue (7th) will be representing the Sebastian School. Diego will have to speak persuasively in English about a pre-determined topic in front of a panel of judges this August. Good luck, Diego!

English Festival

Our next scheduled English language programming will be the English Festival which will take place during the second week of August. Students from all grades were invited to audition to sing a song in English in front of a panel of judges. Both musical and English skills were taken into account when selecting the seven finalists that will represent the Sebastian School in the competition, also hosted by the Ñuble Net. These students are Fernanda Vildósola (3rd), Michelle Carmona (5th), Benjamín Sanchez (6th), Luna Fuentes (6th), Ximena Aguayo (7th), and the duo of Sebastián Suarez and Ignacio Caro (7th). Both Miss. Naomi and music Teacher Sebastián will be working with students to prepare for their performances!

Spelling Bee

The first of these activities was our inaugural Sebastian School Spelling Bee on May 10, 2012. In this competition the top six English spellers from the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades were invited to participate in a spelling competition in front of their classmates and teachers.

The top spellers then moved on to participate in the regional competition hosted by the Ñuble Net on May 22, 2012. These finalists were Brenda Rivera (5th), Sara Hermosilla (6th), Felipe Singer (7th), and Emilia Cardenas (7th). We are proud to announce that Brenda came in second place out of all the 5th and 6th grade participants in Ñuble.

These first competitions were just practice, however, for the National Spelling Bee which will take place from August 20-27, 2012. Stay tuned for updates to see how our students do on the national level!

English Department

The English Department is excited to introduce many new activities for the 2012 school year. We hope that these extracurricular programs reinforce the Sebastian School’s English curriculum and our goal that our students become confident English speakers, readers, and writers in preparation to be productive members of the globalized society that we live in today.