Spelling Bee

The first of these activities was our inaugural Sebastian School Spelling Bee on May 10, 2012. In this competition the top six English spellers from the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades were invited to participate in a spelling competition in front of their classmates and teachers.

The top spellers then moved on to participate in the regional competition hosted by the Ñuble Net on May 22, 2012. These finalists were Brenda Rivera (5th), Sara Hermosilla (6th), Felipe Singer (7th), and Emilia Cardenas (7th). We are proud to announce that Brenda came in second place out of all the 5th and 6th grade participants in Ñuble.

These first competitions were just practice, however, for the National Spelling Bee which will take place from August 20-27, 2012. Stay tuned for updates to see how our students do on the national level!

English Department

The English Department is excited to introduce many new activities for the 2012 school year. We hope that these extracurricular programs reinforce the Sebastian School’s English curriculum and our goal that our students become confident English speakers, readers, and writers in preparation to be productive members of the globalized society that we live in today.