English Opens Doors Debate Competition 2014

The Sebastian School participated on the annual Debate Competition 2014, which is a formal contest of argumentation where two opposing teams defend and attack a given proposition. The topics, in which our students from 9th grade, since it is a competition aimed at students from secondary school, were as follows:

-First and second round, May 14th and May 22nd:

“Home schooling is the best form of education”

-June 19th: 8th Region Final:

“Advertising aimed at children should be banned”

40 schools from the Bio Bio region engaged on this year’s contest, competing on the first and second round.  From here on, only 16 of them moved on to the regional round, day where only one school was chosen to represent our Region.

We congratulate the outstanding performance of our students who were able to debate one on one with competitors from 12th grade, we are very proud of your amazing team work and abilities in the English language and for being part of the selected group of the 16 best schools in the region:

Diego Maquehue (first speaker)

Felipe Singer (second speaker)

Fernanda Arias (third speaker)

Alex Hermosilla (last speaker: summary speech)

Kiefer Hillenbrand and Cristina Zuñiga and Miss Cristina Guzmán.


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